Terms and Conditions

Version 1.1 July 2021 – version 1

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(‘Auctioneers‘); means SaturdayAuction including its employees and agent(s) who act in every respect relating to the vendors goods.
(‘Vendor(s)‘); means the person(s) or organisation consigning to or leaving such goods with the Auctioneers for the purpose of sale thereof.
(‘Buyer(s)‘); means the registered person(s) who place prospective bids in order to purchase items / lots within the auction.


All lots are sold as shown, with all faults, imperfections and errors of description and the Auctioneers shall not be liable for and do not accept responsibility for the authenticity, genuineness, date, age, period or condition or quality of any lot,. In bidding, the Buyer accepts the lot as shown, and the Auctioneers shall not be liable for errors of description express or implied as to any of these matters.


  • Prospective Buyer(s) must, before commencement of the sale, register their full name, postal address, email address and contact number(s) with the Auctioneers (proof of I.D. may be requested).
  • In making any bid or commission bid the prospective Buyer(s) acknowledges that his/her attention has been drawn to these terms and conditions and that he/she agrees to be bound by them.
  • The highest bidder at the fall of the hammer shall be the Buyer.
  • The advance of bidding shall be regulated by the Auctioneers who reserve the right to refuse any bid.
  • The Auctioneers reserve the right of absolute discretion in all disputes concerning the conduct of any sale and to re-offer, either immediately or in a future auction, any disputed lot.
  • In the case of lots upon which the Vendor has imposed a reserve the Auctioneers shall have the right to bid on behalf of the Vendor.
  • A commission at the rate of 15% of the hammer price or £1.00 whichever is the higher is due to the Auctioneers for their own retention. Title of ownership of any lot shall not pass to the Buyer(s) until he/she has made payment to the Auctioneers of the full hammer price together with the Auctioneers commission by way of cash or debit card. Please note; we do not accept credit cards or cheques.

Commission Bids
If instructed the Auctioneers will execute bids and advise prospective Buyers. This service is free. Lots will always be purchased as cheaply as is allowed by other bids and reserves. In the event of identical bids, the earlier bid will take precedence. There must always be a maximum limit indicated. ‘Buy’ or “unlimited bids” or “+1” will not be accepted. All bids are accepted exclusive of Auctioneers commission and will be added to the hammer price.

Removal & Payment
No lots may be removed without payment of the full hammer price together with the Auctioneers premium. All lots are at the risk of the Buyer(s) after his/her highest bid has been accepted by the Auctioneers. All lots must be removed at the risk and expense of the Buyer(s) and strictly by appointment between 10am – 4pm during Monday to Thursday following the auction, in default of which, Buyer(s) will be charged a daily storage fee of £2.50 per lot. The Auctioneers reserve the right to dispose, donate or re-sell any lot(s) that remain uncollected after 7 days of the auction without prior notice and shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever. In the event of any breach of these conditions all charges and expenses shall be made good by the defaulter. The Buyer(s) shall be charged interest on any account unpaid for more than 7 days from the date of sale at the rate of 8% per month or part month, this will be in addition to the aforementioned storage and transportation costs. No lot(s) are to be removed during the live auction without being previously paid for and at the discretion of the Auctioneers.


The Vendor covenants to indemnify and hold safe the Auctioneers in relation to any loss or damage to any third party howsoever caused arising from but not limited to defect or inaccurate information supplied regarding his/her goods entered for sale. Further, by entering such goods for sale the Vendor confirms that he / she is the legal unencumbered owner of said goods and is legally entitled to sell / dispose of them. The Auctioneers accept no responsibly for any loss or damage however occasioned to the Vendors goods.

Auctioneers Commission & Fees
The Auctioneers commission is charged to the Vendor at the rate of 15% of the hammer price or £1.00 whichever is the higher (25% in the case of our house clearance service). There is a lotting fee of £2 per lot to cover handling, cataloguing and marketing, this is charged whether the item(s) sell or not and is non negotiable. Where Vendor(s) cancel instructions for sale, The Auctioneers reserves the right to charge to the Vendor(s) a fee of 7.5% of the Vendor(s) commission plus 7.5% of the Buyer(s) premium (15% combined) of the auctioneers’ then lowest estimate of the probable auction price of the withdrawn lot(s) or its reserve price with a minimum withdrawal charge of £5.00 whichever is the higher. The Vendor(s) shall in any event bear the costs and expenses of special advertising, packing, insurance and cartage from and to the Auctioneers premises.

Vendors Goods
All goods shall be subject to the total and absolute discretion of the Auctioneers as to their suitability for sale “saleable”, or not fit for sale “un-saleable”, in either case the decision of the Auctioneers is final. Further, the Auctioneers have total and absolute discretion to divide any lot(s), to combine any two or more lot(s) or to withdraw any lot(s) from the sale, to refuse bids, to regulate bidding or to cancel the sale without in any case giving any reason, or without any previous notice.

Reserves must be confirmed in writing and acknowledged by the Auctioneers prior to the sale otherwise the Auctioneers will not be responsible for the application of reserves. Reserves will not be accepted on any item/lot deemed by the Auctioneers to be of a value less than £25 (twenty five pounds), items/lots deemed below this value will be sold regardless of estimate.

Remittance to the Vendor normally takes place up to 14 (fourteen) days after the day of the sale and sent by Royal Mail in the form of a cheque. The Vendor can receive payment direct to his/her bank account by providing the appropriate bank details to the Auctioneer within 7 days of the sale. The Auctioneers act as agents and are thus not liable for any default by the Buyer. The Auctioneers will pay the net proceeds of the sale of the Vendors items provided that the Auctioneers have been paid by the Buyer. The Auctioneers shall be entitled to withhold any monies due to the Vendor to offset against any liability of the Vendor to the Auctioneers.

Third party liability; The Auctioneers shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever or howsoever occasioned to or sustained by any person(s), their property or belongings during the process of house/property clearance, storage, public viewing at the auction sale, or before, during or after the auction sale itself, however the same may arise.

Version 1.1 July 2021 – version 1